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Add  Motion  to your PC Simulations!
Simbolrides' innovative drive system, software and design have come together in the Ranger-9 to give you the home simulation experience you've been searching for. Our patent pending technology employs relatively low powered actuators compared to other sims from the past, without sacrificing overall speed and reactivity. The result is a rig that is lighter, more compact and especially suited for home gaming. Choose from a growing list of over 25 supported PC game titles and the Ranger-9 will simulate G-forces and orientation of your  vehicle in real-time.     Check  out our videos!

        The Ranger-9  Features
  • Compact and light-weight motion base that won't get in the way
  • Robust construction accomodating riders up to 240lbs
  • Customizable seat mount for switching out chairs
  • Easy-to-use breakthrough motion control software
  • Growing list of over 25 popular supported PC titles
  • Serial communication also compatible with X-Simulator software
  • Easily adaptable universal controller mounts
  • Low-powered electric actuators for quiet operation
  • Emergency stop switch for simple and safe operation
  • Adjustable foot and side controller mounts for variable rider height