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Ranger-9  Full-Motion Simulator

  • Input current 6.5A / 115Vac
  • Operating current 14.6A / 24Vdc
  • Actuators - (2) 100watt / 24Vdc
  • Empty weight - 75lbs w/out controllers
  • 31 movement per axis
  • Max speed - 24 per second
  • Sabertooth speed controller
  • Maximum rider weight - 250lbs
Software Connection
  • Magnet Motion Control Software
  • System Requirements -  Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • DB-9 Serial Port or USB to Serial Converter
  • Compatible with X-Simulator Software
    (Not Supported by SimbolRides)

Materials and Construction

Motion base constructed of welded 1" square tube steel with sturdy roller-bearing axis joints. The  panels are fabricated from 1/8" black textured ABS plastic. Moving mechanical elements are covered with an elastic Neo-Knit shroud and our standard seat is a comfortable nylon office chair, which  can easily be switched out with basic shop skills and tools.

  • Base dimensions - 22"W x 27"L
  • Seat bottom height from floor - 21"
  • Overall maximum length - 54"
  • Overall width - 36"
  • Overall height - 43"
  • Side controller plates - 7.75"W x 9" L
  • Center controller plate - 14"W x 7"L
  • Foot controller plate - 14"W x 13.5" L

Controller Mount Compatability:

  • Saitek X-52 Flight Control System
  • Saitek Pro-Flight Rudder pedals
  • Logitech G-940 Flight System
  • Logitech G-27 Racing Wheel
  • Saitek R-660 Wheel System
    (requires drilling 2 holes)
  • Many others are possible with basic shop skills. Mounting plates are 1/4" ABS plastic which is easy to drill and will accept hook and loop tape.

   Mounting hardware for your choice of 2
   compatible controller packages included
   Driving Configuration
   Logitech G-27 Racing Wheel
          (Sold Separately)
 Flight Configuration
 Logitech G-940 Flight System
          (Sold Separately)