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Startup and Troubleshooting

If you're having trouble first check the following steps:

  1. Make sure that your Ranger-9 is plugged in and turned “on”. The main power switch will be illuminated in green and the LED indicator on the switch-box will be illuminated in solid blue.
  2. Connect to your PC using a standard DB-9 serial (RS-232) cable or a serial to USB converter.
  3. Install and run the Magnet Motion Software and select your Com-port from the drop-down list at the upper left of the console.
  4. Click the “Test Connection” button at the bottom of the console and a pop-up box will appear with two sliders labeled X and Y (the axises). Position your cursor above one of the knobs, click and hold the left mouse button and gently move to one side. CAUTION: your chair will move indicating a connection. If not, return to the previous step and try again with a different Com-port selected.
  5. Once a connection has been established, select the game title from the drop-down list. Your selection will appear in the text box and the software will indicate that it is “Waiting to open” in the area below.
  6. Now leave the Magnet motion simulator software running on your desktop and run your software as usual.